Happiness comes from within;
anger is an external projection of the lack of inner contentment.

Why are there so many angry people on the road?
Drivers cutting people off, shaking their fists, shouting angry words to one another. Drivers so caught up in their personal trials and troubles that they  are oblivious to the fact that they sit in their car blocking people from going along their way while they try to figure it out.
People in such a rush to get wherever they are going that through their discourteous driving someone may even die, and they don't care.
Such unhappy people.
Their expressions show the  depth of their disontent as they rudely push and shove their way through life just to get "there" two minutes ahead of the next one.
People walking off the sidewalk oblivious to the bumper of the vehicle that barely misses them or angry that an auto has the audacity to be driving on this road.
In an economy that is literally in the tank, people continue to buy, buy, and buy because they need something new to make them feel better?

Enlightenment isn't the answer.
Some of the worst examples I have seen of rude obnoxious behavior has been from drivers displaying bumper stickers declaring some form of "peace and goodness". Political slogans declaring support of this candidate or that one to change the world and bring "peace and prosperity" are often on the very car that cuts you off or runs the red light and speeds through town narrowly missing or causing an accident.
So much anger and discontent!

What is the answer?
Where can one find true peace and happiness?
Jesus Christ is the answer.
God's promise for a fallen world desperate for inner peace.
God declares in His word that He wants all mankind to join Him in His peace.
His offer is free by just accepting the One He sent to purchase mankind's redemption, Jesus Christ.

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