Very troubling to me is the latest "hot book series" for children, that has been quickly turned into a movie that made over $70 MILLION its first weekend. Stephenie Meyer makes JK Rowling look like a choir director. She is a memeber of the Mormon cult and a true tool satan is using in these last days to bring this culture of death to children. She is the author of the 4-book "Twilight" series. These are books that romanticize the world of vampires, which is a dark world of eternal death. The danger in these books, and now the movie, is that they are geared to children, teens, and young adults and glamorize the perverted world of vampires, which is nothing more than a world of death.

I love you and care about you so much. Please wake up!!! We not only live in, but we accept this culture of death that hangs over our nation. Jesus came to deliver us from death. Jesus won the victory over death. We do not have to accept this black cloud of death that hangs over our land. It is time Christians took our stand and loudly, boldly, visibly proclaim LIFE! Children are growing up without any understanding of where life came from and how precious it is. So it is no wonder why they have embraced death to the extent they have.

Yesterday I shared with you 6 things you can start doing immediately to take your stand for Christ in these last days. I have answered the call to lead this charge to bring our nation back to God and Biblical values. We have the infrastructure and resources to do it through Liveprayer. I am asking you to say NO to this culture of death we are living in and say YES to life!!! Don't underestimate how critical 15 minutes a day can be as you help me by following one, two, or all 6 of these action steps. People are saved daily, lives are impacted daily, because someone made the effort to share Liveprayer with that person.

1. Distribute Liveprayer Devotional - I need people to take each day's Daily Devotional and forward it to everyone that you know. This is a great way to help spread
God's Word on the Internet. Also, post it to various blogs and message boards
that you frequent.

2. Liveprayer TV Program - Tell everyone you can about the TV program. The program is on "live" every Monday thru Friday from 10-11 pm EST (9-10 CST, 8-9 MST, 7-8 PST), exclusively on the website in virtually HD quality. Each night I deal with the hot issues of the day and in people's lives, and viewers can call in for prayer or to ask questions. It is a unique program like nothing else on TV.

3. Jonah Project - Tell everyone that you know to check out the Jonah Project. This is the vehicle God has given us to bring together true followers of Jesus Christ in these last days in one group that can make an incredible impact on the spiritual course of this nation and in millions of people's lives. There is a vision video on the Jonah Project homepage that clearly lays out how God can use this group in thesse last days. You can access the Jonah Project webite by going to and clicking on the
Jonah Project link.

4. Liveprayer Church - We are already getting incredible feedback from people who have been coming to the services each week at the new Liveprayer Church. This is a great resource to share with people, especially those who currently don't have a church home or won't go to a regular church for whatever reason. Get the word out about this new online church to everyone that you know.

5. Video Daily Devotional on Cell Phones -Today is the launch of this exciting, cutting-edge use of modern technology to minister to people. Get everyone that you know to go to the homepage and get signed up for this incredible FREE daily ministry to peole via their cell phones.

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