"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?
Then said I, Here am I;
send me."
                           Isaiah 6:8
I have found that the simple question of "What can I do for you Lord, today?" is the single best way for me to start my day. When I wake in the morning, my mind is beset with the chores and obligations I am faced with. I get distracted with all the little needling items that have been put off, until the list seems insurmountable. I can't seem to focus, or get my body into gear. That's when I realize my priorities are all wrong.

I grab my cup of coffee and go to my quiet place, where I often go to spend time with the Lord. Then I ask Him, "what do you want of me today, Lord? How may I serve you?" I get no sudden revelation, no epiphany, no major world shaking inspiration. No. I just get my mind where it needs to be ... on Him.

The Lord knows my daily struggles and tasks. He knows what responsibilities lay before me today. He just wants me to view these things through His looking glass. That starts with seeking Him first each day,
"and all these things shall be added unto you" Matt.6:33.

If I start my day with what I need to do, my accomplishments will be meaningless and empty, if not nonexistent. I get sidetracked and end my day weary. And looking back, find that the day is full of wasted time. When I look for His tasks to accomplish, I find that I have served my Lord and He has energized me, focused me, and maximized my time. There is little wasted effort, but more importantly, I have done what He has laid before me to further His Kingdom.

For am I not His? Am I not
"bought with a price"? (1 Cor. 6:20). Did I not, in my prayer for salvation ask Him into my life and into my heart as Lord and savior? Do I have the audacity to believe that I can have a savior without making Him Lord? Does this mean I should quit my job and hop the next plane to India to work in missions? Not necessarily. That isn't what He has given me today. Today the Lord has given me a simple task. Just let Him be Lord. Seek Him first.

Like the gifts of the Spirit, our calling varies from person to person. Some are missionaries, some support missions. But there are a few things He has commanded of all.
Matthew 28:19 tells us all to spread the Word.

I'm not a missionary, and if the Lord were to call me to foreign service, then I pray I would be obedient and go. In the parable of the talents,
(Matt 25:15), the Lord has invested in each of us. Are we hoarding that investment?

I heard a true story recently. It was about a man in a leadership role for a large mission in India. He told of how as a sailor on shore leave in Australia, he was walking down a street one day. A little old man tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me, if you were to die tonight, do you know if you would spend eternity in Heaven or Hell? Just thought I would ask, have a good day, toot-a-loo." This sailor returned to his ship and the conviction of the Holy Spirit fell on him and he got on his knees and asked Jesus into his life. As this story unfolded, it seems this little old man had touched many lives in this manner, and the Lord used this simple effort to bring many to salvation.

Luke 12:42, we are told the Master's will for our lives. We are bought with a price, we are not ours, but The Lord's. Are we living as though we are our own masters?

I have been so guilty of filling my storehouse for my own use. I paid my tithe, added a few dollars here and there, gave to a few missions, and filled my life with excess. What I spend for potato chips and snacks each month, would put a missionary in Asia spreading the Gospel to the lost who have never heard of Jesus. People stepping off into Hell every day, not having a clue that there is any kind of God outside what they have been raised to know. I have read accounts where missionaries have asked villagers if they have heard about Jesus, and the replies indicating they have no knowledge of this person, perhaps he is from another village.
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